yoga level guide

Level 1

Suitable for absolute beginners, or those looking for a slighter softer practice. Stay here until you feel you can take more challenge, or stay if you like it just the way it is. Donā€™t be afraid of challenge though, it may be just what you need! Talk to us if in doubt. You are never too advanced to practice at this level. As Dynamic Yoga is very alignment focused if you have practiced another style of yoga before it may benefit to you go back to basics and focus on the alignment principles.

Level 1 -2

Suitable for an absolute beginner who leads an active lifestyle, or again for anybody looking for a slighter softer practice, or if you have been previously inactive but done at least 6 consecutive yoga classes.

Level 2 -3

Suitable for those who have been practicing yoga consistently for at least 3 months and feel they would like more challenge.Ā  Expect to hold for longer and to start to do more challengingĀ  postures with more flow in between postures. You will always have the option to rest.

Mixed Level / Open to all levels.

This will always be taught at a suitable levelĀ  to those present, there will be options given to go further or back off. Be sensitive to yourself and practice at your appropriate level, without judgement, and just enjoy it!

Level 4

Suitable for experienced practitioners only. You will need to have done a minimum of 6 months regular practice, if in doubt about if you are ready to try it then speak to us. Expect to hold longer, to move onto the full version of each posture, and to do more advanced poses such as hand balances and more inversions.