Reformer Pilates

Get ready to fall in love with Reformer! Reformer Pilates utilises a machine with a spring loaded platform to add resistance and fun to your Pilates. 
Reformer has been shown in studies to improve strength, core strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, athletic performance and bone density. 

Not even done yet! In addition to this it can also improve blood markers such as cholesterol and insulin, decrease waist size (a well known marker for diseases), improve cognitive function, decrease fatigue and improve energy levels. 

Convinced? Book in now and glide your way to a stronger, healthier and happier body and mind. We run small classes so we highly recommend you book reserve your space in the time slot that suits you in advance and for a few weeks at a time. Please note Reformer classes have their own pricing options here, and Yoga and Pilates packs and membership do not apply to reformer classes.

Reformer Classes Pricing

Here are your options for Reformer Classes.

Single Reformer Class €25

Access to 1 Reformer Class.

6 Class Reformer Pack €120

Access to 6 Reformer classes 

10 Class Reformer Pack €190

Access to 10 Reformer classes