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If you are just starting out with Pilates or Yoga, then you will have all the same questions and concerns that everyone has – don’t worry! Everyone worries at first about being fit, strong, or flexible enough but we aim to support you as you get stronger and help you to give yourself the space to just do what you can and take it at your own pace. We will always encourage you to rest when you need to and help you to listen to your own body as you get stronger. Even when you do get stronger, we all have days where don’t feel our best, and it’s important to allow yourself to take it a little easier when you need to do so. You will still get the same great benefits and feel better for having done your class.

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Yoga + Pilates Pricing

The best way to get started is to choose our 1 Month Unlimited Classes option. You can take your time and find the classes and teachers that best suit you, and attend as many classes as you want. The other option is to grab a Single or a 6 / 10 class pack. 
We have a great Introductory offer available with Unlimited Classes, we think it’s the best place to start.
Please note that Reformer classes have their own pricing as outlined below here.

Membership - Unlimited Classes

Get your First Month of Classes Half Price
39 for the first month
then €79 per month
  • Unlimited Yoga + Pilates Classes
  • Unlimited On Demand Classes
  • Unlimited Livestream Classes
  • 2 Months Minimum Commitment
  • Does not include Reformer classes
Half Price

Intro Offer – Unlimited Classes – €69

Try us out with Unlimited Yoga + Pilates, Livestream, On Demand Classes – 30 days (no contract) – (Does not include Reformer)

Single Class €18

Access to 1 single Yoga or Pilates class. (Does not include Reformer)

6 Class Pack €89

Access to 6 Yoga or Pilates classes (6 month expiry) – (Does not include Reformer)

10 Class Pack €129

Access to 10 Yoga or Pilates classes (12 month expiry) – (Does not include Reformer)

On Demand / Livestream €48 per month

Unlimited access to on demand and livestream classes.

On Demand / Livestream Day Pass

Unlimited access to on demand and livestream classes for 1 day.

Reformer Classes Pricing

Here are your options for Reformer Classes.

Single Reformer Class €25

Access to 1 Reformer Class.

4 Class Reformer Pack €89

Access to 4 Reformer Class.

6 Class Reformer Pack €120

Access to 6 Reformer classes 

10 Class Reformer Pack €190

Access to 10 Reformer classes

Studio Timetable

You can book in below to any of our in studio classes here, for online classes please tap the button above. (timetable may take a few seconds to load)

Private Yoga & Pilates Classes.

We’re delighted to offer you private Yoga & Pilates classes with our founders, Christine and Sarah. 

Private classes are ideal for you if you want some extra attention for an injury, a condition, or if you just want to work on your alignment in either Yoga or Pilates. 

If you would prefer to have the studio to yourself rather than attend a public class, we are happy to provide you with that. You can do it alone, or attend with a partner, friend or even a few friends or colleagues. 

Private classes can be taken as a one off, or you can sign up to a course of 6 or 10 classes. We will work with you to identify your goals, the key areas in your body that you need to mobilise or strengthen and will structure your personal classes to support your own unique requirements. 

If you would like to work towards establishing a routine that you can do at home, we will work with you to design a practice that you can do, and build upon that. 

Each person is unique, and if you would like personalised attention and practices on your journey with Yoga or Pilates, we are here to help. Just book in online, or send us an email if you would like a call back and we will give you a call to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have. 

Christine has been teaching Pilates and Yoga since 2004 and specialises in Pilates. Christine is passionate about Pilates, and always brings a sense of calm and mindfulness to Pilates from her Yoga experience. 

Sarah has been teaching Yoga since 2004 and Pilates since 2011; she specialises in Yoga but also loves Pilates and likes to bring some of the wisdom of Pilates in to enhance Yoga.