what is yoga and f.a.q.

Yoga is an ancient tradition, consisting of a physical practice, which we know best in this western part of the world, but also a vast body of knowledge and philosophy. The basic principles are good, common sense, guidelines on how to be a decent, honest human being.

From the physical practice we get astounding benefits, toning our bodies, increasing flexibility, regulating our metabolism, increasing circulation to our internal organs. Our health and fitness improves dramatically with regular yoga practice. With this practice, and by stilling our minds in each asana, feeling what is happening inside us, we also find a balance coming into our lives and personalities. A more clear mind, slower to get angry or stressed out. We become more aware.
In the modern world, we have no time to think, we are stressed, over worked, under paid. Yoga helps you to come back to who you really are inside, and find that inner joy and peace again – it’s still in there, you just need to tap into it!
Yoga is truly for everyone, there is no-one too old, or too young, or too injured or crippled to start. From just a few regular practices, you will start to notice a change in your body, and it just keeps getting better.

‘Yogas chitta vritti nirodhah’ – Yoga is the stillness of the mind

Patanjali, Author of the Yoga Sutras, the father of classical yoga

What do we do in a yoga practice?
Although Yoga is a vast system of knowledge and has many different forms, in this time and place, has become a posture practice, which has many far reaching physical and mental benefits.  Yoga posture practice is a system of exercises, movements, stillnesses and sequences designed to strengthen, tone  and detoxify the body, increase flexibility and stability in the joints.  Breathing exercises (Pranayama) increase the detoxifying effect, cleansing and regenerating the body at a cellular level.
The ultimate traditional ‘goal’ of yoga is to achieve enlightment; however as most of us don’t live in a cave and it is the 21st century this doesn’t tend to be an all consuming passion, and we have different goals. The idea of doing the posture practice in yoga (or ‘Asana’ practice) is to remove all dis-ease from the body, making it strong, supple and stable so that no pain or illness distracts the seeker for their path of enlightment.  Of course the enlightment we now seek is simply to de-stress, to rid the body of the discomfort of back problems, headaches, insomnia , weight gain etc; the good news is that with consistent practice of yoga you will get what you are looking for, and a lot more positive change in your life as a bonus.
So as we cannot go and live in a cave under the guidance of our guru for 8 years (and would have no interest in doing so!), we simply approach yoga as a posture practice, allowing yoga to evolve and be valuable to us in our time and culture.
What do I need for a class?
Just bring yourself and an open mind. We have mats that are free for you to use on your first class, then €1.00 per class after that.  We also have a range of excellent mats to buy, from €18.50. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in, and turn up at least 10 minutes early to register on your first class. Our classes are ongoing, so you can join anytime.
What should I expect in a class?
Expect to switch off and be guided through a flowing and energising workout; along with some breathwork and relaxation.
Do I need to be fit, strong or flexible?
Absolutely not! When you practice yoga consistently you will become all of those things, so you don’t even need to think about it. Just let go and allow yourself to be as you are, have a willingness to not push to hard and you will find you become flexible and stronger much more quickly.
Will yoga really help me achieve my goals?
Absolutely YES! With regular and consistent practice – that is the most important thing of all.
When are the classes?
Classes are ongoing, you can join anytime.
What if I miss a week?
Our class packs have an extra week in them, so you don’t need to worry. Also you can come more than once a week, and you don’t have to the same class every time, you are free to move around.
Can I start with one to try it out?
We ask that you try it out with a minimum of 6, as this is what we believe you need before you get used to it. By then you will be able to feel the benefit and understand it better.  Remember you are doing it for a good reason, and you will need time to see results.