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christine waltiChristine Walti (Chris) went to her first Yoga class as a teenager in school. Having been involved in a variety of sports activities from childhood such as swimming, athletics, cycling, basketball etc. she found yoga a nice and relaxing addition to her more high energy activities.
When a friend took her to a Dynamic Vinyasa class years later she immediately took to the physical aspects and challenges of Yoga.
A knee injury brought on by running made her take a step back and re-evaluate her ambitious and competitive approach to yoga and she got more deeply involved in yoga philosophy, learning that sensitivity and honesty are essential to get the full benefits of asana practice, both physically and spiritually, and she found that the less she got caught up in trying to get flexible and strong the stronger and more flexible she became.

emer mcglade - yoga and pilate teacherEmer has a background in dance, having formally trained in Ballet, Contemporary and Modern dance in the mid 90’s. Following several recurring injuries to both knees and ankles she made a decision to quit the dance world and found herself in her first Yoga class. The experience of a strong Iyengar based class emphasizing alignment and posture was both liberating and exhilarating while allowing pain-free ease of movement.
A year on with a regular practice established Emer’s painful episodes had all but vanished and she felt stronger than ever.
She was then drawn to explore other styles & disciplines and qualified as a Yoga teacher in 2001. Over the following years she continued to study with wonderful inspiring teachers from both Ireland and abroad including – Shiv Sharma, Donna Farhi, Elizabeth Connolly, Kevin Gardiner, Godfrey Deveruex.

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