Private Yoga, Pilates and Massage

Classes and Treatments when and where you need us.
Private sessions with great Therapists and Teachers.

We can send Yoga and Pilates teachers anywhere in Dublin and Massage Therapists to most areas.

Yoga and Pilates

Each class/lesson is tailored to meet your needs, whether you’re a complete beginner, an experienced practitioner, a pregnant mum, corporate one to one, a group of children, or you’re working with an injury or medical condition. There are different ways of practising Yoga and Pilates and we focus on what is best for you.

One-to-One or Group Yoga and Pilates lessons at your home or workplace
These personalised classes cover all levels and styles of Yoga and Pilates, from the most dynamic to restorative, as well as Pregnancy.

Rates for lessons at your own location are as follows (flat rate for a group size up to 12 – additional charge for 12+):
60 mins – €75 (minimum charge)
75 mins – €95
90 mins – €110
105 mins – €125
120 mins – €135

24 hours’ cancellations/changes charge applies. Plus €50 for studio hire if required. (P.O.A for 12+ students)

Massage Therapy

Get a deeply relaxing Massage Therapy treatment in your own home or office.

60 mins – €80
90 mins – €99

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