John Friend Yoga workshop

posted by Sarah

A short story of empowerment and inspiration from John Friend’s Workshop this weekend in Dublin 🙂 John asks for a volunteer; ‘Oh it’s Jackie’ he says laughing (she didn’t really volunteer!) It’s Jackie’s brithday and the posture is Handstand in the middle of the room. She looks nervous, embarrassed and afraid. John and Jackie go for the handstand, at least 100 people gathered watching with interest. No go. Jackie crumbles to the floor. Friend stands back holding his chin and looking thoughtful. ‘Somebody else?’ says Jackie meek and hopeful at the same time. ‘No no no no no no’ Friend is laughing and shaking his head. He thinks. ‘You need to make a birthday wish’ he says, and goes on to suggest many different wishes she could make; for your family, for a loved one who is ill, ‘World peace is even in there’ he says, laughing again, ‘…and then with that wish, hug in’  :-). Take two. Up Jackie goes, solid as a rock. 100+ onlookers start to cheer; John starts to sing ‘Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you’ while he holds her. Everybody joins in, singing and cheering. Jackie comes down glowing. Her worst nightmare had turned in the greatest gift on her birthday; empowerment, joy, support and love being offered to her from all around. It had to be the best handstand ever 🙂 This is what yoga can do for you, show you your own inner strength, take you out of your comfort zone to places you didn’t even know you could go – a place with more joy 🙂