Day 7 – Deep Relaxation

Day 7. Deep Relaxation

Take some time today to do a deep relaxation. This a permanent download for you to enjoy whenever you feel the need, or desire, to let go. There are two versions – both basically the same, but one has an ending for drifting off to sleep, the other for getting back to your day. 

Relaxation is vitally important to your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

With the fast pace of life as it is today, it is very difficult for us to come out of ‘fight or flight’ mode and shift into ‘rest and digest’ – this is the mode that the nervous system switches into when it is being sent signals that life is relaxed enough at this moment for you to digest food, repair, restore and do important immune system work. When we don’t take time to bring ourselves into this more relaxed state (unfortunately even things like t.v. can be too stimulating to help) we become depleted in ways that affect our health, energy, wellbeing, personalities and personal lives. It affects the course of our lives.

So take this important time to restore and renew.



This is your link to download this Deep Relaxation for you to keep.
or you can listen below.

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