Day 29 – Strengthening your Intention Revisited

Day 29 – Strengthening your Intention Revisited

Come back to your intention. It’s important that you stay on your journey by periodically bringing your intentions, your dreams, the life you want to live to mind and keep strengthening those intentions. Keep strengthening your own resolve to be the person you want to be, to show up as you would like to show up in the world.



P.S. As it is vital to bring your mind, body and nervous system into a state of deep relaxation it is important for you to cultivate a practice of doing this at least once a week. Take time alone in silent stillness, recharging and restoring so that you will be stronger, calmer, and more present to your life.

Enjoy your deep relaxation, as you find you can go deeper. Login to download and keep the Deep Relaxation audio files. This is your link to download this Deep Relaxation for you to keep.

Listen to Strengthening your Intention below.

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