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AidanHow would you describe Hypnotherapy for someone who knows nothing about it?

Hypnosis itself is not a therapy. It is a relaxed state of focused attention, where you are internally absorbed – for example if you are driving along a familiar route and you arrive at your destination and realise that you hadn’t been consciously aware of the trip at all – on autopilot, lost in thought. Hypnotherapy makes use of this naturally occurring phenomenon, where there is an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion. By using various therapies while in this state e.g. positive suggestion and/or guided visualisation we can help bring about subconscious change to our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

What are the benefits of Hypnotherapy and what kind of issues do you find you treat the most?
While in hypnosis we can work to bring about positive changes at a subconscious level (where a lot of our problems stem from) Hypnotherapy can enable you to make powerful and lasting change in your life. While it is not a panacea it can help create a solid foundation at a subconscious level which in turn enables you to use the tools at a conscious level to deal with life’s challenges. The issues I treat the most would be anxiety related – fears, phobias, depression, and of course stop smoking and weight management.

Is there any preparation needed for your first appointment?

The only preparation needed for the first session is to come with an open mind.

Aidan Caffrey – Hypnotherapist

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