DepileveWe use Depilève Wax, the easiest way to achieve beautiful, smoother skin for
longer, making it the Worlds Number 1 in professional waxing treatments.

Our 4 Steps to Smooth Waxing Process

1. Cleanse, Pamper and Prepare
We will first use Pre-wax gel, which cleans the skin of make-up, deodorants and body oil before waxing,  leaving the skin clean and desensitised.

2. Protect
For Hot Wax, we use Pre waxing oil formulated with apricot oil and chamomile that creates a film barrier between the skin and the wax allowing for extremely effective hair removal.

3. Get your wax on
We effectively remove the hair using the worlds leading brand in waxing technology. A combination of hot and warm wax is used depending on the area getting waxed, to ensure the best possible finish. Our warm wax is Aloe Vera based, this wax has been designed to leave your skin smooth, soft and soothed. Our hot wax is Rooibos wax and it takes waxing to a whole new level of comfort, it is naturally hypo-allergenic, and anti-bacterial, making it suitable for all skin types

4. Rejuvenate
Last, we pamper your skin with Calming Gold Tea Tree Gel helping to dilate the pores and soothe the skin.
Ask us about the optional ingrown hair or hair growth inhibitor treatment!

body waxing price   
full leg €34
full leg (including bikini) €39
half leg €19
half leg (including bikini) €25
upper leg €20
3/4 leg €25
half arms €19
full arms €24
back €35
lower back €15
breast area (nipples) €10
underarm €14
bikini waxing
bikini €14
bikini plus half leg €25
bikini plus full leg €35
‘a little more’…
tight / extended bikini €25
tight / extended plus half leg €35
tight / extended plus full leg €45
brazilian €45
brazilian plus half leg €55
brazilian plus full leg €65
hollywood €50
hollywood plus half leg €60
hollywood plus full leg €70
face waxing
lip or chin €10
lip and chin €15
sides of face €10
full face €30
eyebrow shape or tint €10
eyelash tint €14
eyebrow shape and tint €18
eye trio (lash + brow tint, brow trim) €28