Anusara Yoga Workshop – Bridget Woods Kramer


Nov 27th 10am – 1pm and 2.30pm – 5.30pm.

€40.00 per session or €70 for the two.

Embracing Endings and Sowing Seeds

As we move into the darker months we are able to turn inward and begin to cultivate inner strength and deep connections to the earth. It is a time to bring the year to a close and to focus on setting intentions for the new year to come.
This workshop will build strong foundations, from which to grow as individuals and as a community.
A variety of postures will be taught and students will have the opportunity to assist and support each other as you move together to create and cultivate dreams and intentions for 2012.



 Who is the Teacher ?

Bridget Woods-Kramer teaches with great humour and enthusiasm. She has 30 years of teaching experience in the Health and Fitness field. She has studied yoga since 1975 and has been teaching for many years both in the USA and UK. She is known for her dynamic style of teaching with close attention to alignment detail. She is very dedicated to her students taking a personal interest in their progress. Bridget is a certified Anusara yoga teacher, who has studied with its founder John Friend since 1994. Bridget has been leading Anusara Immersions, teacher training programmes and workshops internationally for the past 7 years.
What is Anusara Yoga ?
Anusara Yoga was founded by John Friend in 1997. Anusara means ‘flowing with grace’.
It is a Hatha Yoga system that combines concise bio-mechanical principals of alignment (called the
universal principals of alignment) and a non dual heart-orientated Tantric philosophy. Anusara philosophy begins with the recognition that one Universal Spirit pulsates as the essence of everything.