5 Ways To Make Your St. Patrick’s Day Healthier


1. Make your drink green: Whip up a kale or spinach smoothie. These green leafy veggies are nutritional powerhouses: they’re both good sources of fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium. They’re also high in carotenoids, a cancer-fighting antioxidant. Make a green smoothie with avocado, kale, bananas and almond milk. This nutrient, protein and literally green smoothie will keep you feeling full and satisfied while still letting you sport your Irish pride.

2. Heavy, dense foods like sausages, mashed potatoes, corned beef or gravy. Substitute a green salad made with fresh spinach, strawberries and a light sprinkling of feta cheese. It’s fresh, healthy and mirrors the green, red and white colors of the Irish flag!

3. If you’re planning on attending a parade or pub crawl, consider biking there or walk! (anyway city centre is closed) We all know that cycling and walking is a great workout for your heart and a super fun group activity. Decorate your bicycle with recycled and thrift decorations to stay environmentally friendly and remember to always wear your helmet!

4. If you like to put your best Irish face forward by painting yourself with the colors of the Irish flag, consider this. Most store bought face paints contain high levels of artificial colors and ingredients that are both harmful to your skin and the environment. Making your own face paints using a mixture of cornstarch, organic face lotions, and natural or homemade food colorings are good for everybody!

5. Irish dance – Hoof it for a half hour and you could burn 150 calories ;).

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