weight loss clinic

weight loss clinic

Do you keep putting off your personal goals just to get through the week? Put off going to the gym? Eat everything around you? Told yourself you’ll get around to your “To Do List” soon?

We’re offering you a chance to stop putting things off, stop “thinking about it” and start actually making progress toward your goals.

We’ve introduced our Weight Loss Clinic here at Pure Health, a 4 session program designed to get you motivated, focused and moving towards your goals. No fads, No diets, just a common sense approach to getting your mind and body focused and working together to achieve what you want to achieve.

The Weight Loss Clinic is an individual one to one program so it is tailored to your unique needs, some of the areas we cover can include:

  • Establish Healthy Eating Habits that Become AUTOMATIC 
  • Eliminate Cravings for Sweets, Sugary Drinks, Fast Food and Junk Food 
  • Eliminate Emotional Eating 
  • Stop Fixating on Food 
  • Increase Your DESIRE to Exercise 
  • Recognise True Hunger and Fullness 
  • Improve Portion Control 
  • Think like a Person Who’s Naturally Thin 
  • Clarify and Harness Your Motivation 
  • Recover From Mistakes (Without Giving Up) 
  • Eliminate Internal Mental Battles Over Food 

Our goal is to help you develop a healthy relationship with food and exercise that becomes PERMANENT The Weight Loss Clinic is facilitated by Sarah Woolridge and Daragh O’Sullivan.
Sarah is our Senior Yoga Teacher and brings a wealth of experience in Yoga and Nutrition to the Clinic. Sarah will outline the most efficient and effective ways to lose weight permanently, signaling your body that it can let go of the fat it has been storing; developing awareness that will help you to eat for nourishment and energy rather than to satisfy cravings.
Daragh is our resident Hypnotherapist and has spent many years successfully helping people to permanently and easily lose weight and become happy with their own body. He will bring the psychological techniques that are most effective for you into the Clinic. The unique thing about the Weight Loss Clinic is that it is not therapy, it is not based on fads, but it is a learning process, based on solid scientific principles, where you are encouraged to take control of your mind and body by learning techniques and tools to allow that to happen.

This clinic is for people who want to take action, but need help with motivation, focus or direction. Attendance at the Weight Loss Clinic is weekly for 4 weeks with an optional maintenance program afterwards.

What you will receive during your program:

  • 4 Weekly 1 hour one to one sessions 
  • A set of PDF notes to accompany each session. 
  • A series of audio downloads to focus and motivate you on your weight loss goal 
  • A set of relaxation downloads to help you when stress is a part of the problem 
  • A pass for 4 classes in Yoga or Pilates 

If you want to TAKE CONTROL NOW, the full cost to you is just €250. 
BOOK IN TODAY and get started on the road to that NEW REAL you NOW. Call 01 4404343 to book your first session today.


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