Class/Massage Packs

Here’s a quick tutorial on applying the Packs when booking in.

You can purchase packs for both classes and treatments here at Pure Health, and they are always available here Our site works like almost every other ecommerce site. You can add to basket and checkout. The question we’re answering here is how do you redeem the 6 Class pack or 4 Massage pack when booking in for a Class or Massage

When you buy a pack, our system assigns you coupons for each individual item. So above you can see 6 x 1 class or a 6 class pack. You can check your coupons anytime by clicking the ‘My Account’ button in the menu and clicking on Coupons.

Now we’ll apply the coupon when booking in. Let’s take Yoga for an example but Massage or Pilates are the same. Click on the class/service you want and enter the details needed.

You’ll end up at the checkout and as long as you have an item in your checkout (a single class for example) for which you have coupons (a 6 class pack for example) you will see your coupons appear at the checkout. To use one of them, simply click on it. The coupon will apply and the total amount will be turned to €0.

Click ‘Place Order’ and you’ve booked into a Class or a Massage.

Let us know if you have any issues by clicking here. Enjoy.

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