Reflexology is a treatment based on ancient eastern knowledge of pathways throughout the body. Working on reflex points in your feet, it treats your entire body. It is also a lovely relaxing treatment to recieve.

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Reflexology can be an aid to relieving many acute and chronic conditions particularly those disorders created by or aggravated by stress

Back pain        Headaches/migranes         Anxiety
Arthritis           Hormonal imbalances        Depression
Asthma           Tinnitus                           Insomnia
Eczema           Allergies                           Sinusitis
Hayfever         Digestive Disorders            Sciatica

Above all reflexology induces a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing which, encourages the body’s natural self-healing powers and protects against ill health.

Reflexology is suitable for children and adults alike and is suitable for pregnant woman after the first three months, on consent from their doctor.       

1 HR    €55.00

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