Hello 👋. I’m Sarah, I qualified as a beauty therapist in 2002 I have years of experience and started my Beauty Journey in an award winning salon where I learned my craft meticulously. Previous to my career in the Beauty world I worked in Human Resources.
Client care and health and safety are very important to me. I love all things well being and went on to train as a reflexologist. I whole heartedly believe that the body wants us to heal and reflexology helps hugely when we go on that journey. I’m also a Mam of 3 gorgeous children, wife to Derek and not forgetting our little labradoodle Lila. Self employed for years and years. I absolutely love helping people feel good in their bodies. I have also trained as a Celebration day for Girls facilitator and Mindfulness for Children where I will hold workshops specialising in all things well being and body positivity. Thanks for taking time to read my bio and I’ll be delighted to see you for a treatment soon.


Reflexology is a treatment based on ancient eastern knowledge of pathways throughout the body. Working on reflex points in your feet, it treats your entire body. It is also a lovely relaxing treatment to receive.

Reflexology can be an aid to relieving many acute and chronic conditions particularly those disorders created by or aggravated by stress

Above all reflexology induces a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing which encourages the body’s natural self-healing powers and protects against ill health.

Reflexology is suitable for children and adults alike and is suitable for pregnant woman after the first three months, with consent from their doctor.