FREE Workshop – The Magic of 3


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FREE live streaming Pop-up Yoga this Sunday May 24th at 9.30am with Sarah.
In this energetic, all levels flow yoga practice we will explore the magic of three in Yoga. When we practice something 3 times it gives us a chance to explore a little deeper. This doesn’t necessarily mean moving literally deeper into the pose –  although of course it can – but we can explore a deepening of our understanding of the posture, from the point of view of mind, body and breath. Repeating 3 times holds a special magic for active awareness, as we explore the differences each time we approach the same sequence. Perhaps we start out wobbly, but by the third time we feel more stable, more comfortable in our understanding of how body, breath and mind relate to each other and to the sequence of postures.
The magic of 3 means that if you are feeling fatigued, or your breath has become heavy, you can sit one round out, or two, and join again when you feel ready. It makes it much easier for you to be in control at home, and to follow along without getting lost, giving you time to get to grips with each posture.
We need our yoga practice more than ever, and we are delighted to bring you this free, energising, live yoga practice to invigorate mind and body. We’re in this together, and though we can’t be in the same room right, it’s wonderful to have this opportunity to connect.
Please enjoy this yoga practice free of charge.

Event Details

Date: May 24, 2020

Start time: 09:30

End time: 10:45

Venue: Zoom