Pregnancy Yoga + Pilates

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What can I expect at Pregnancy Yoga Classes? Expect to be guided through a gentle practice designed to ease back pain, increase circulation in legs and feet, gently tone and strengthen. There will be breathing practice and emphasis placed on the breath throughout to help you to get in touch with your breath and how to use it to relax and engage deep abdominal muscles. Of course there will be deep relaxation as well.

What do I need to bring? Nothing! We have mats which are free for your first class then €1.00 per class after that. We also have an excellent range of mats for you to buy from €18.50. Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely.

When should I start? Anytime from 16 weeks on, and it’s never too late. The earlier you start the better it will be for your back, circulation and general state of well being;  you will have more time to practice the breath and learn to relax fully so it becomes second nature to you. If you practice yoga regularly anyway please call us as we may take you earlier.

Can I come if I have SPD? Yes you can. We will tell you what to avoid, and be sensitive to yourself. With SPD you need to stretch out the lower back, back of your pelvis and rotator muscles so it will be very good for you to learn to do these things effectively.

Will I be able for it? Yes you will. The only pressure put on you will be from yourself, so just be willing to let go and rest when you need to. It’s not the time to push yourself, and this will be an hour just for you to relax and restore, so take it easy whenever you need to.

When are the classes? Please see our timetable below. Classes are ongoing, you can join anytime.

What if I miss a week? Our class packs last 6 (6 class pack)- 24 months (20 class pack), so you don’t need to worry. Also you can come more than once a week, and you don’t have to the same class every time, you are free to move around. You can also use unused classes after your pregnancy.

Can I start with one to try it out? Yes, the 1 class option is below, but please bear in mind that to get maximum benefit you should commit to a course, as this is what we believe you need before you get used to it. Remember you are doing this for a good reason, and you will need time to see results.

When can I start the regular evening classes after pregancy? Again, anytime from your six week check up or 12 weeks after a C Section. If in doubt ask your doctor. You can use any leftover pregnancy classes for regular classes.