pilates level guide

Level 1 (FOUNDATION) – Introduction to the mat. This class is designed to teach & re-enforce the fundamentals & beginning movements. For those who have never taken pilates, less experienced pilates participants, those recovering from an injury, or those who would like a more gentle session.

Level 1-2 (IMPROVERS) – some experience required. Recommended after a minimum of 6 classes in foundation. Working on building up more stamina in the core & introducing more challenges from the pilates repertoire. Modifications & props are incorporated to increase the challenge of specific exercises.

Level 3  – This class will take you through the essential pilates exercises with higher reps at a quicker tempo. Props such as the fitness circle, toning balls, flex-band & foam rollers are used to increase the challenge of the essential exercises.

Level 4 – A minimum of 6 month regular class attendance is recommended for this level. Precision, control & flow is the emphasis of this class with added movements requiring strength & balance. Also includes standing pilates sequence & increase challenge utilising various props.

Mixed level – this class is suitable from levels 2-4 –not for beginners. An all round workout utilising props & modifications suitable for various levels of experience on the mat.