Corporate Massage Membership

Many businesses have found massage therapy to be a low cost benefit that helps to attract and retain quality employees and help them achieve peak performance. It’s clear to see why the leading Fortune 500 companies offer massage as part of their employee benefit program.

Some of the worlds largest companies have found massage therapy to reduce headaches, back strain and fatigue since offering massage therapy as a benefit to their employees. Others cited a decline in staff turnover rates, an increase in problem-solving aptitude and heightened morale.

Some benefits of offering massage therapy to your employees include:

  • Reduced Stress
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Greater company appreciation
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Increased employee retention and improved employee morale

On-the-job stress can be contributed to by shifts in corporate structure, company growth, even large projects and the daily competitiveness within a company. Physical threats such as carpal tunnel syndrome, fatigue, the common cold and other illnesses can be easily contracted in your work environment. Massage therapy has been shown time and again to alleviate work-related stress and build immunity against many illnesses, and companies that offer massage benefits to their employees not only have happier employees but healthier employees who feel appreciated, and in turn excel in their jobs.

Corporate Group Membership Rates

Our Corporate Massage program means that you commit to a monthly membership and offer the benefits to as many employees as you choose. Use corporate membership for Bonuses, Incentives, A Thank You, or as a part of a Health and Wellness Plan.

10 Month Membership – €500 annually

One 60 Minute Massage each month to Assign to an employee

You can add up to 5 employees per Membership 

All 5 can get the corporate rate of €49 if they choose to get further Massages themselves. 

All 5 get 15% off Class Packs for Yoga+Pilates and Special rates for Therapies

If you need a tailored plan for your particular needs, simply contact us.

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