pregnancy treatments

pre natal yoga & Pilates

We offer class packs of 

6 classes for €89.00

10 classes for €129.00

20 Classes for €199 (includes membership benefits)

You can come to any of our pregancy yoga classes / Pregnancyl classes on your class pack.
If you have any classes left over after you have the Baby, you can come back and use them for any of our Yoga & Pilates classes - good incentive to take time for yourself and get back in shape post pregnancy!

You need to be 16 weeks or over to start pre natal yoga or pilates.

Pre Natal Massage

Treat yourself and your aching body to a regular Pre Natal Massage. A full body massage stimulates nerve endings in the skin and the amniotic sac and improves the flow of blood and lymph so that oxygen, nutrients and waste products can be transported more efficiently. It also helps to lower your heart rate and blood pressure. This is a treatment of pure relaxation.

40mins €50.00 60mins €65

Hypnotherapy for Birth

We focus on how you can confidently approach a safer, easier and more comfortable natural birth. We can’t promise you a ‘perfect’ birth - no one can - but we can help you to acheive a more comfortable and relaxed birth, knowing how to be calm and in control, no matter happens around you.

€199.00 for 3 sessions or €299 for 5 sessions

Yoga for Labour and Birth

We give bi-monthly workshops showing you postures and breathing techniques to help control pain and move your labour and birth along more smoothly. Enquire for the next dates (suitable for 3rd trimester).

2 hrs, €45.00 - partner comes free. 

Pregnancy Reflexology

Extremely beneficial during pre and post pregnancy; balancing hormone levels, helping to relax mother and baby and soothe problems associated with pregnancy. €65.00 per session

Baby Massage

Infant massage greatly enhances the early bonding relationship between parents and caregivers and their babies. Infant Massage benefits your baby in the following specific ways: relaxation, relief, stimulation, bonding and communication for parents and caregivers.

€120 for 5 classes. (€100 redeemable from insurance)

If you don't see what you need here, call us on 01 4404343 for more details or advice

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